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Obrienatrix is a cosmopolitan, migrant hybrid. A bookish anarcha-feminist archimimocrat, she is a Medievalist by profession, though with an anachronistic love for chocolate.

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Work in progress, currently at 1000 words or so; due for completion at the end of the week. It’s yet another in the never-ending philological-political series.

Sneak preview …

TW: contains screenshots from fascists  (more…)

Make the essay Montaignian again (2)

This started out as a short post about worrying. It is dedicated to my FREN 220 students who will be sitting their final exam next week, to other students preparing for and sitting exams (notwithstanding amusing attempts to undermine our exam season), and to students more generally. You are why faculty are here. And we are here for you. We worry. We want to help: in respectful support.



Make Essays Montaignian Again

Image credit: Antony Gormley
(TW: includes cannibals, zombies, bilingualism, and other monsters.)

Work in progress

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Cheese scones are my madeleines


Ceci n’est pas l’apprentissage littéraire

Or: why I don’t write book reviews. (more…)