Medievalising Modern French & hope

An admission: I don’t really like exams, and I really don’t enjoy having to invigilate them as that means watching people suffer. Here at UBC, in lower-level undergraduate courses we are stuck with obligatory final exams worth at least a certain percentage of the final grade (and another percentage for work done under controlled conditions, be that as exams or in class). I’d rather that exams, like much else, were more like the image above. And less black-and-white; more green, with birdsong… (more…)

Sunday morning special: in accidental praise of L’Europe sans frontières




  • short
  • includes a very pretty picture of a butterfly at the end


  • includes neomedievalism
  • may reduce your faith in “quality serious authoritative” people and “quality serious” publications (more…)

Work in progress: rereading / #medievaltwitter #seriousacademic kindness


It may be a symptom of midlife crisis. Perhaps I should worry. On the other hand, there’s already plenty to worry about without adding any artificial worries to one’s burden.

I’ve been thinking about the past.  (more…)

50 years ago: philology, decolonisation, deconstruction

Image above: from the Gradual of Saint-Etienne of Toulouse, France (Toulouse), last quarter of the 11th-first quarter of the 12th century, British Library Harley MS 4951, f. 299v (more…)

#femfog avant la lettre, #fembuée, & #femflow

(For Eileen Joy.)


(Also a post about how reading works. (Book of Hours, The Master of Evert Zoudenbalch. Active Utrecht, ca. 1460. Via Miranda Bloem a.k.a. @Zweder_Masters))