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Literary warm-up exercise for stretching imaginative muscles / un exercice d’échauffement littéraire : l’imagination au pouvoir

Margins and marginality are wonderful, as are their transgression and subversion and any play with them. But, as all wearers of glasses know, frames can be fun too.

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This is a piece about frames and framing. Updates seem to be turning it into an illustrated prosimetrical short story about liminality and its horrors. Which was unexpected and is weird. Blame the uncanny conjunction of borders and walls in the news, UBC, bande dessinée, Guy de Maupassant, and Marguerite Porete. (more…)

50 years ago: philology, decolonisation, deconstruction

Image above: from the Gradual of Saint-Etienne of Toulouse, France (Toulouse), last quarter of the 11th-first quarter of the 12th century, British Library Harley MS 4951, f. 299v (more…)

Constructing and deconstructing a medieval joke (1)

Jean de Meun, Roman de la Rose (13th-c. French): Reason explains Fortune and her wheel to The Lover (as it were, so to speak, phnar phnar (or not)).

Morgan Library MS 948 f. 61r (French, c. 1520) c/o The Roman de la Rose Digital Library (Johns Hopkins University & the BNF)


  • May contain jokes
  • Does not contain any jokes about construction
  • Does not knowingly contain any actual deconstruction
  • Images and words may be NSFW (not just because they’re medieval)
  • Contains double entendres



It’s that time of year again.

Catching up with marking, marking final exams, composing final grades.

A time of endings.

A time of marvel and awe. A time to marvel and to be awed by the awesome. May we all aspire to the joyous freaky magic Heavenly Assumption Of The Blessed Guitar.