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It’s that time of year again. Time for updating the general-purpose appendix to all syllabus for all courses … and for playing Spot The Difference with previous incarnations … This year, in a dramatic change from last year, I’ve not updated anything other than adding this one sentence; so if you see anything that’s no longer true and accurate, please let me know and I’ll make the necessary changes (and of course credit you for your generous crowdsourcing collegiality).

LAST UPDATED: 2019-09-30

la règle du jeu / renoir


I. Aims and objectives
II. Expectations
III. Responsibilities
IV. Grading criteria
V. Academic integrity & avoiding plagiarism
VI. In-term academic concession: late work, extensions, and rescheduling missed tests or examinations (UPDATED 2019-09-30: new UBC Academic Concession policy, effective September 2019)
VII.Quick links to UBC rules, policies, and procedures


An old talk: Arts ISIT workshop, “Multidimensional Learning through Digital Platforms” (September 2018)

In mid-September last year, four of us UBC faculty were invited to share our experiences with open learning platforms in a UBC Arts ISIT (Instructional Support and Information Technology) workshop. It was fun, and what we’re doing and have done might be useful for other people too. The workshop is archived here and you can watch our presentations here. Our organiser and chair was Meena Kahlon, and my co-presenters were Dr Katherine Bowers (CENES, European Studies, Science & Technology Studies, and one of this year’s Wall Scholars), Dr Tristan Grunow (History, East Asian Studies; and now at Yale), and Dr Jenny Peterson (Political Science, International Relations, and Vantage College). (more…)

31 August is Ken Campbell Day: diddling and doodling, seekers, and radical education as seeking learning outcomes

It is time for the annual pilgrimage.

Like last year’s pilgrimage post, this post is a “sticky” one for a whole academic term, all the way to its end and the end of the calendar year. It contains various kinds of “stickiness” played out in three four Acts: I. revisiting 2017, II. 2018 and III. Campbellian education in action, and IV. 2019 and learning outcomes.

I’ve also added a few Anarcoos because it seemed appropriate and, well, to quote my first PhD supervisor: “why not?”


Today is the anniversary of the death of Ken Campbell, anarchist polymath genius.

Reader of everything. Writer. Performer. Creator. Stand up comedian, speculative fictioneer, improviser, paranomasiac, marvelling revelling adventurer in existence.

Public outreach educator and life-long learning experimenter in ways beyond the wildest imaginings of Proper Professionals in these fields before they or these fields even existed. The next time you consider using words like “innovation,” “innovative,” “innovator”: have some respect. Think first. Check with reference to Ken. If philology provides a theoretical meaning, it is Ken who provides—incarnates—a reference-point for lived active practice. (more…)

more of the same: continuations (caveat lector: contains Game of Thrones references)

The previous post talked about continuations, haunted by the spectre that haunts us all, growing awareness of being in the anthropocene and impending doom. Doom and dooms. Winter, as they say, is coming.

“Happy” World Goth Day yesterday. (more…)

Intermission: an accidental thing on “Game of Thrones” – contains no (known) spoilers