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This is a post of what I hope might be useful resources for other sentient sensitive sensible human beings here in Vancouver, or Canada, or this continent, hemisphere, planet. Caveats follow further down. It’s a fast post, the basic short version done for a friend, A., via Facebook (and so, private) two days ago, which feels like two years these days and I’d imagine—as far as I can or may respectfully imagine—two decades if you’re in Ukraine or recently fled. I’m writing other things but this here felt more urgent to prioritise and get out right now.

Image: “De engel van den laatsten troost” (1943) by H.N. Werkman (1882-1945). Groningen artist, clandestine printer under occupation, shot by Nazis three days before liberation. Read more at

Image source: Museum Bijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam

Hope that it is never too late for consolation, or angels (even ironic dark-humoured flawed human ones), or hope.

Red Cross – Canadian government matching donations:

International Rescue Committee: 

UNHCR Refugee Agency emergency appeal:

Disasters Emergency Committee, rapid response umbrella group: 

Via the Ukrainian Institute London 

  • Defend Ukraine have collated a list of fundraisers, charities, and donation links in support of Ukraine, covering financial and humanitarian aid, medical supplies, and military support. 
  • The Ukraine Crisis Media Center has published a list of recommendations of charities in Ukraine to support.
  • (others listed there are mostly UK-associated)

The Kreisau Foundation: since 1942 (it started as an anti-Nazi resistance group under occupation), has been helping refugee women and families and unaccompanied minors:

Urgent Action Fund supports the human rights of women, trans, and nonbinary activists:

Fight For Right supports Ukrainian persons with disabilities: 

Fulcrum UA supports LGBTQ+ Ukrainians – safe spaces and support in Lviv, and evacuation to Lviv from other cities in Ukraine:
(info via https://twitter.com/MaximEristavi)

ternYpe International Roma Youth Network:
(info via https://twitter.com/InclusiveLucie)

Ukraine Crisis Media Centre – how you can help:

Independent journalism & free press ex. Kyiv Independent:

Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group (Ukraine Crisis Media Centre) list via this thread:

Superlists via supertwitterstars: 

Scholars (there are other resources for people in other areas of work too, and for knowledge outside the humanities, NB this is a quick list):


—Updated occsionally

—In no particular order, this is not a Top Ten List, the whole Competitive Top Biggest Strongest Winners toxic masculine imperialist necroliberal capitalocene bollocks is what got us all here in the first place. 

—In this public venue I am only sharing humanitarian resources; you should know by now where to look for others and—if you’re sufficiently fit, competent, and specially skilled—how to join the International Legion. 

—No organisations listed here are religiously affiliated. If you or your kith and kin are religious, you’ll find that your place of worship will/should have their own suggestions and contacts too. 

—I’m not making any recommendations on what information sources to read (and listen to, watch, etc.) and people to follow who are writing publicly online. I assume that anyone reading here / this / me is already doing at least as much reading as I am if not more, and as conscientiously and selectively as I am. Indeed I imagine that you dear reader are better and doing better than I am so I won’t insult you, or your intelligence and expert knowledge and humanity. 

Goddesses bless you all, for peace on earth, goodwill to people, blessèd be. And make art not war.

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