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reading about teaching online: a collection of links (6)

Here’s to hoping that this is the last such List Of All Of The Saved Links: (1), (2), (3, (4), and (5).

Our Happy Academic New Year starts the week of 7 September, our first full day of classes will be on Wednesday the 8th, and this week is the traditional grande finale of course preparation, intensive and fast and furious. There will of course be last-minute changes; and then changes in the first week, and the second week, in response to practicalities and circumstances and the unforeseen and the unforeseeable. That happens every year. The known unknowns for starters. I worry if there are no looming potential disasters (there are, of course, so I’m fairly cool and comfortable). I really worry, though, if there have been no mishaps by the end of the first week of term. Like many of you—colleagues, fellow teachers and other lifelong learners, students, future students—I’ve been having Beginning Of Term Dreams. They’ve been pretty mundane so far, nothing worth reporting, but if their weirdness improves I should of course share.

Meanwhile, here are links saved on Twitter; as with the previous post, collected over the last month or so and copy-pasted here newest first. Some are threads, some include embedded threads. There’s applied practice, historical examples of virtual education from before the age of the online, a lot of Jesse Stommel, a fair dose of critical pedagogy and some philosophy of education, and the occasional grumpy and/or goofy and gooey pedantic rant by yours truly. There are also some useful links to UBC CTLT online stuff (notes from their summer workshops are via a Wiki) and UBC Arts ISIT (most of whose summer workshops offer recordings and slides online).

May contain politics and sarcasm. Plus some bonus Motivational Inspirational stuff, metaphors, and medieval allegory.


reading about teaching online: a collection of links (5)


welcome to TWO new blogs: “The Dendromorphoses” and “Academic Zoomscaping”

Thanks to living in, and with, COVID-19 times I’ve made two new things. The first came to be out of spending more time than usual wandering in our local woods and taking photos there. The second started as a collection of amusing pictures collected online. (more…)

reading about teaching online: a collection of links (4)

Time for Twitter!

This is the last in a set of four posts transcribing Notes and Bookmarks collected along the way, of readings reread. It’s also part of a larger series of posts from March 2020 onwards, about teaching and resources for doing so, online during COVID-19.


reading about teaching online: a collection of links (3)



reading about teaching online: a collection of links (2)



reading about teaching online: a collection of links (1)


against surveillance exams


(work in progress: old notes, summer FREN 101 and 102 online course design)

“Le secret de l’histoire naturelle contenant les merveilles et choses mémorables du monde”: Bibliothèque nationale de France MS fr. 22971, f. 60v. (c. 1485 CE)