reading about teaching online: a collection of links (5)

This will probably be the second-last of a pair of posts of assorted bits and pieces collected up online over the last month. It’s raw links, via Facebook. In reverse chronological order. Quite a few are practical examples of online teaching, and not necessarily anything to do with higher education or university-level language teaching. There might be a few Easter eggs.

Letter to an Overachiever

Pedagogy workshop: Teaching in a Dystopian Hellscape

On Shapes of Native Nonfiction and the Story Form of Native Basketry

Teaching with Trauma: Disability Pedagogy, Feminism, and the Trigger Warnings Debate | Carter | Disability Studies Quarterly

It’s OK to let students keep their video off while you teach online. I promise.

Dad Photoshops Kids’ Drawings As If They Were Real, And It’s Terrifyingly Funny (30 New Pics)

Interviewing (and Teaching): Tips and Tricks for Academics to Improve their Audio and Video – WORK IN PROGRESS | Matthew Evan Davis

Leonard Nimoy Explains the Origins of Mr. Spock’s Famous Vulcan Greeting Hand Gesture on ‘Star Trek’

Thought we would incorporate home schooling in with entertaining owls today. So Oliver read Owl Babies to the owl babies. Ironically it’s about 3 young owls and, as he read, 3 of the 6 wandered over to listen and investigate what was going on. Jack has been adding books to our online shop if you are running short of reading material at home, including Owl Babies. Look for them at and check out the bookstore.

Leiths cookery school launches lockdown courses for teenagers – here’s how to sign up – Scotsman Food and Drink

The Senior Management Survey: auditing the toxic university

UPDATED TO ADD: an outfit for the First Day of Class (for students and/or faculty)

Dreadpunk = Gothic Horror

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