two very-short-story-sprouts / #COVIDcampus #remoteteaching #remotelearning

Starts of stories,

stories without words,

songs without words,

infinitely potential-rich for singing.

Loamy exercises of “sentence and solaas” adaptable to a range of contexts and environments.

For some ideas on what one might do with these next, if you’re teaching, see #COVIDcampus #RemoteTeaching #RemoteLearning – Français débutant et intermédiaire (du DELF A1 au B1) : mini-festival de cinéma français d’il y a un siècle #open et gratuit (2020-03-17)


(click on image, which links to PDF)


Medievalist colleague Dr Mary Rambaran-Olm started this one, so all credit and thanks to her for the idea.


Play with words. Tell more stories. Share them with others.


Around and about that last Cornelia Konrads land art image: it’s been a source and resource for years, changing every time, every reading a whole new book. This virtual revisit was as contextually-shifting and context-rooted, reading associatively and anew. Albeit context—and text, intertext, metatext, paratext, patatext—is all one big rhizomal multi-species network of versions, continuations, translations, adaptations, retellings, commentaries. Each telling is a unique individual live performance. Each telling knits that network more solidly, while adding elasticity and wiggle-room to the weave, and space to welcome newcomers in to a commonality. Each telling breathing new life into a story—renovation and rebellion, radical rethinking, resistance and revolution—and its sharing adding to the liveliness of relationships, keeping kith and kin alive.

That image’s present context is all about being (or admitting that we are) more like forest ecosystems. Sustainable and sustaining. In what can feel like unsolid times, immaterial invisible ethereal virtual and above all precarious, there can be a solidity in solidarity.

It’s also an arborolatrous paean to trees and tree-hugging.

No delicate seedling or lonesome-looking shoot is actually alone: all are sprouts, with support under and around them. It might be discreet and quiet. Nurse-logs might or might not be direct relatives, that’s an irrelevance, they’re kithy creatures and nurture and care for all.



Stretch up and spread out.

Branch and root. Unashamedly sappy. Entangle.


Entangle more. Enjoin others to enjoy words. Spread the word.

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And with thanks to Dr Valerie Michelle Wilhite for this epilogue / prologue, via M. Moleiro:

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