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Appendix to THE RULES (2016)

There’s one other thing, not in THE RULES proper but on any syllabus this year.

Not this, tempting though it is as a reminder of what a university is and what it is not:


(Dublin 1917: after the failed 1916 uprising, in the middle of World War I, a quintessential distillation of the colonial-imperialist-military-industrial complex)


Credo (2): Mashup remix: #4wordpedagogy + #UBC100


Credo for universal lifelong higher education (1)

This post is essentially a statement of teaching philosophy, as academic outreach, most of which originally appeared as Tweets. It is also a contribution to #UBC100. I do not have much to give. I am not financially wealthy. But I can offer other riches—as can any faculty and many other members of the universitas that is the university community—riches beyond a banker’s wildest dreams or a property magnate’s most far-sighted imaginative speculations.

A statement of teaching philosophy, then.

Or: what is the point of it all?

Or: why am I here?

Or: why are we all here?

Or indeed: why am I?

@UBC Faculty Association motion of no confidence in Board of Governors carries



Further to a series of unfortunate events that had taken place from August 2015 onwards, and particularly in reaction to the accidental release of documents at the end of January 2016, a motion of no confidence in the UBC Board of Governors was brought to members of the Faculty Association.  (more…)

Fore and aft of the @UBC Faculty Association NO CONFIDENCE in the #UBCBoG meeting (2): from the afternoon of 2016-03-22 onwards

Continuation of Twitter collage, from after the Faculty Association meeting up to the evening of 2016-03-26: