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Trobar sen / trying to make sense of November (4): the 12th-13th + resources

Still desperately scurrying and scuttling to catch up with our world of the last two weeks. This fourth post is the last of a short sequence just on one mere week; the next batch of posts will try to catch up with and start to make sense of last week (14-20 November).

Clunky screenshots, but as with the previous posts in the series, all Twitterer references have been included (if there’s no attribution, then it’s me). Also as before: this is an apologetically haphazardly sketchy snapshot en mots e sons e images.

Some words: remembrance, resistance, resilience, relevance, resources.

And, to quote Octavia E. Butler:

The word, again, is “persist”!


Un nouveau cours @UBC en janvier 2017 !

affiche pour le cours

A great grad student conference

The CFP is out: deadline 19 February 2016: 

Borderlines is an annual postgraduate conference for early-career researchers in the fields of Medieval and Early Modern studies. Borderlines is held on a rotational basis between Belfast, Cork and Dublin.

Now in its twentieth year, Borderlines returns to Trinity College Dublin on 15th to 17th April, 2016 and will be held in the Trinity’s Long Room Hub.


creative medievalism

josie long

There is an unavoidable truth about these “Middle Ages.” It is uncomfortable. For some, myself among them, it is painful. The fact of the matter is that some things about the Mediaeval period were not good. Some things that are integral to everyday life now, and that make our lives longer, easier, healthier, more pleasant, less painful, and generally better.

Not dentistry. Or Modern Medicine. Or Sciences such as astronomy. Not a balanced nutritious diet. Sure, that’s all very good and all.

I refer of course to chocolate. (more…)

New Humanism (2): solidarity

(continuing from previous post)

A large part of my m-m-inactivity is, however, inevitable distraction by the activities of others elsewhere, right here right now (compared to, well, Medieval Europe…), and sub- consequent overwhelming feelings of shared humanity and solidarity dovetailing with but going well beyond The Kingdom Of Fife.

In short:


With fingers crossed– (more…)