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Or, beyond the tangent du jour.

(for more on the thumbnail, and the punchline, see “Death will be your Santa Claus,” Cat and Girl Donation Derby, 2010-10-11)


Quest for the Holy Grail


On Academic Jobs & Doctorates

(This is a version of a previous post I wrote for the FMRSI, and intended as an introduction to the marvels and joys of our world, in its worldly aspects; plus a cheeky little guide for prospective PhDs – and maybe even current ones and their supervisers. Hopefully useful.)


bibliography: mainly 12th-14th c. French and Occitan literature

Obrienatrix’s raw and uncooked doc. diss. bibliography (2006). Most of this pertains to 12th-14th c. French and Occitan literature, although there is also much of general Medieval Studies relevance – from Abelard to Žižek.

I’m working on updating, reformatting, and sorting this into several separate topic-specific bibliographies – as an exercise while playing with learning digital data management… just for fun, you understand…