meta-metamedievalism and the post-postmodern condition

“Exoticizing the Otter” over on Cat and Girl:

Spring has sprung, and is even in the air from time to time. Time to refresh one’s hipster T-shirt wardrobe:

C/o TopatoCo: home of fine T-shirts and other Fancy Goods. OTHER VARIOUS FACTS leads to the site’s FAQs—one of the finest around, featuring gems worthy of Michelin “vaut le voyage” status. Shipping Things To Colleges and UniversitiesCustoms, Duties, and Taxes (International Orders); and I Don’t Have Any Money

And here’s the cattiness behind the T-Shirt:

Original strip (and comments thereon): Cat and Girl, 18 February 2010

Image at top: Ed. Michael Jungnickl, Norbert Franz. Fantasy Genre Compendium Vol. I: Species, Professions, Gear, Magic and More. Gnomes Hut. “Did you ever get tired of games that only allow playing humans and a handful of “fantasy humanoids”? We have opened up a wild plethora of new creatures, including some beings […] almost never seen in a roleplaying game before […]”

One comment

  1. The Obrienatrix admits to posting here in between meetings with students to discuss their final projects.
    Now, multi-tasky-juggling isn’t always supposed to be a good thing.
    I present to you a counter-example: in this afternoon’s case, the main activity is characterised by lateral thinking, which has repercussions on the secondary activity. In that I just noticed several connections to MMM‘s previous post.
    The lateral leading to the linear? I’d certainly not have come up with any nice direct sequential links between posts on my own.
    Weird freaky magic?
    Or the positive influence of students, helping one think and read better? (I jest not: it’s not impossible but, rather, more than likely, with This Lot.)
    Or maybe—being flat-footed and simple and pragmatic—it’s because it’s nearly 5.30 p.m. and I’ve yet to have lunch…

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