NEWS: Horrible Histories attraction planned for County Durham, UK

A theme park based on the literary series Horrible Histories is in the early stages of planning for County Durham, Sunderland, the home of the series’ author Terry Deary.

Craig Wilson, of County Durham Tourism Partnership, said:”We are looking at feasibility, market demand, logistics and some pretty dry financial scenarios. So at this point it is still very early days. There are so many variables, especially in terms of the current economic downturn, so we’re just doing our groundwork and desk research at this stage.”

It is the second time in five years that an attraction, based on Deary’s Horrible Histories, has been proposed for the region. In 2003, plans were announced for a £130m The Terry Deary History Experience Park to be built in South Tyneside.

The original plans included an all-weather attraction where recreated villages from the Roman times to Tudor and Victorian England were to be encased in domes similar to the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Terry Deary told the BBC in 2003: “It will be a whole new experience based on the books and will feature different areas, from education to crafts.

“I’m looking for this to be a very big venture, something that will bring a lot of employment to the region and be a place which pulls people in from all over the country and even the world.

Source: Leisure Opportunities News c/o an unnamed archaeologist source …

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