on interdisciplinarity

Over to you, gentle readers, sans (trop de) commentaire: 

The Discipline of English (Chronicle, 2010-10-24)

OK, one comment, in response to comments there: I’m a Medievalist and I found this both funny AND true (as well as pertinent to my own, ahem, discipline).

I wondered about some of the reactions: repressive, self-repression, and other expressions of self-defence-as-rather-weak-attack. Mr Freud would have a field day. Yes, he is a charlatan; and yes, I still have no truck with him; but we’re approaching Hallowe’en/Samhain/All Souls and he is still a dead person who’s entitled to a bit of a roll and chuckle in his grave from time to time, just like any other dead person. A little human compassion is in order at this time of year, and indeed part of the order of the day…

Things always get better when you add the word “medieval”: one of the less expected results of a Google image search

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