on medieval apple pie

on getting stuffed; c/o

Nice to see medieval cookery turning up in the more mainstream news, albeit in conjunction with plagiarism theft online intellectual property rights: (more…)

Vancouver: the obrienaternal basic survival guide

Sometimes Medievalists–even meta-meta-ones–are obliged to interact with post-medieval external reality in a less observational and commentative way. To live in it directly.


a modern marvel

A colleague and friend in Dublin is quite sure that there are certain things that define the Modern era, in paradigm-shift terms: she’s an Enlightenment sort, and her Epochal Items are:

• champagne
• coffee

To which many would add:

• tea
• tobacco

But to which I would insist on the addition of:

  • chocolate.


“Lord of the Rings”-related news

Fame and fortune–and then what? The freedom to shift gears and careers, to indulge whims and whimsy, explore avenues and pastures new. We refer, of course, to Peter Jackson‘s recent appearance in a context which initially surprised me:


food glorious food

moirasbooke_My very first encounter with gastronomic delights Medieval was through my Auntie Moira’s experiments on us, when we came to stay with her and my Uncle John. He died recently, and this post is dedicated to his memory: and to happy times spent together.

The Booke of Dame Moira – a.k.a.