A belated Happy Birthday to Joan of Arc

(and an Enjoyable Epiphany)

jeanne-pantheonOur friend Ben from Joan of Arc – Maid of Heaven has made a special page in celebration.

[Image: Jeanne d’Arc enfant – Panthéon, Paris.
Source: the Site de l’Amicale des Anciens des Entreprises Saunier Duval (AAESD), and the Venerable Ancien[t]s’ excursion there and to the Manufacture des Gobelins on 7 February 2007. Featuring a fine photograph of the splendid Party – I thought they looked like good company, and wished I could have been there. Incidentally, this is a very useful resource for anyone planning such a visit as part of a Parisian jaunt.
Anyway, and all that aside: our image here was chosen for its appropriate iconographical suggestiveness.]

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