on medieval apple pie

on getting stuffed; c/o shutterstock.com

Nice to see medieval cookery turning up in the more mainstream news, albeit in conjunction with plagiarism theft online intellectual property rights:

“Back in 2005, Monica Gaudio wrote a nice piece about apple pie recipes for a medieval cookery enthusiast blog. Five years later, her post appeared nearly verbatim—without compensation or permission—in Cooks Source magazine. And then it got worse.”

Read on, and comments too, at Attention: The Web Is Not Public DomainGizmodo (2010-11-04).

Happy post-Samhain etc., and may the apple pie be plentiful. Apples plain and simple too, and all manner of cooked concoctions, preserves, and other alchemical marvels. May the long-life joys and treasures from 2010’s harvest be, well, long-lasting, for winter-long fruitful enjoyment.

For your further delectation, some finds c/o Google image search:

  • Medieval Apple Fritters,” coquinaria.nl: this is not to imply any association between the monstrous events above and frittering, frivolity, and flippancy; any frittering-related imputations would concern Obrienaternal uses and abuses of time and brain, and a comment on how the Obrienaternal mind works.
    Also, I like apple fritters.
  • Rare Books Room: includes some herbals, and gorgeous 19th c. botanical volumes
  • History of the Carrot Part 3: AD 200-1500,” from the Carrot Museum. Seeing as how carrots and apples go well together, ’tis the season for both, and Gingers like Carrots and any excuse to express orange-spectrum solidarity (ginger itself also goes nicely with apples and/or carrots too, of course). They also have some lovely images of manuscript pages… tasty…

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  1. Wow. That Carrot Museum is truly fantastic. I had no idea … check out Giles & Sue (& Michael Portillo) in The Supersizers Eat Medieval [http://watchdocumentary.com/watch/the-supersizers-eat-episode-2-medieval-video_7da8dc050.html] …

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