on hoods and hybridity

I thought it might be fun to see if anyone has invented a hood-bag, or a bag-hood. It would be  an interesting sort of hybrid – and what between Obrienatrix being a bit of a mongrel herself, and this present MMM being a blog-cum-metasite hybrid, it all seemed frightfully awfully à propos. Useful, too: maybe providing some hints on the chicken-and-egg question of whether the hood came first or the bag, in the history of human invention.

Ah dear. Bags for putting hoods into. For car hoods (it is raining outside, I don’t even want to think about open-top sports-cars right now). Rain covers for bags. For camping stuff and cameras; and some wonderful very serious hoods for Himalayan expeditions (such as the Fin Finbar, on backpackinglight.com). Sleeping bag hoods and so on – yawn, obvious, you can do better than this, O Google Gods. Nothing more creative out there? I want brilliant multi-tasking hybrids here, masterpieces of design uniting form and function… Some latex fantasy-wear. And the sinister-looking “burlap bag hood”, what seems to be part of a theatrical costume design (on marianne.custer’s photostream). Ah but – yes. Here is the prototype Huppureppu, made by Three Bags (Finland):


And the Laure Jaeger marvel (c/o For Multi-Media Event: Digital Sketchbook of Anna Obikane):



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