in purple

The Obrienatrix is wearing purple today in remembrance of and support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth who have been the victims of bullying.

She would encourage others to do likewise. Her own reasons for so doing, slightly more expanded version:

  1. Respect and solidarity.
  2. While she likes to think of herself as a fairly open-minded and tolerant sort of person, hate and hurt fill her with repugnance, loathing, and intolerance. She sees this as a simple case of humanity and humanism vs. inhumanity and dehumanization; we needn’t look too far back in history or too far afield to see more on that latter pair, in far too many areas of expression.
  3. She also believes in Right and Wrong. Being nasty is Wrong. Being nice is Right. Further, being happy and increasing the sum of human happiness are Good.

If it’s late in your timezone, you could get changed and go out on the town: paint the town purple! And why not continue for the rest of the week?
To find out more, Google “purple 20 October”… this post’s pretty pictures being screenshots of image-searches, in full joyous mosaic-form.

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