Chile c/o Vancouver

And continue to think of i.e. dig deep in pockets for Haiti: in both cases, earthquakes may be swift and sharp but there’s aftershocks …
C/o one of my finest students ever (remaining anonymous to protect her modesty), whom I had the privilege to teach last term: a new initiative, Eight Point Eight:

  • Featuring a very useful page re. where to donate (besides the usual suspects, in common to all disasters: the International Red Cross/Red Crescent, Médecins sans frontières,Oxfam)
  • And the following brilliant idea: a photo challenge initiative

You can hold up signs/flags/paint your clothes or even your body to say “8.8 Chile” or just “8.8″. Afterwards, upload them to the online photo album on this website.

We hope to make a big poster/slideshow of all the pictures we can gather and use that to garner media attention and approach companies for donations.

We know that there are many creative people among you, so please put your talents to good use!

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  1. And how, you might ask, is this of Medieval or Medievalist relevance?
    (1) The vagaries of Fortune.
    (2) Plagues and other disasters: 1347-50 casts a long shadow.
    (3) Compassion.
    See also (and again, and continuing repercussions): Haiti.

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