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Trobar sen / trying to make sense of November (4): the 12th-13th + resources

Still desperately scurrying and scuttling to catch up with our world of the last two weeks. This fourth post is the last of a short sequence just on one mere week; the next batch of posts will try to catch up with and start to make sense of last week (14-20 November).

Clunky screenshots, but as with the previous posts in the series, all Twitterer references have been included (if there’s no attribution, then it’s me). Also as before: this is an apologetically haphazardly sketchy snapshot en mots e sons e images.

Some words: remembrance, resistance, resilience, relevance, resources.

And, to quote Octavia E. Butler:

The word, again, is “persist”!


Trobar sen / trying to make sense of November (3): the 11th

A day of remembrance, and thus also of song and of poetry.


Trobar sen / trying to make sense of November (2): the 9th & 10th

Resistance and remembrance

A feeling of


Trobar sen / trying to make sense of November (1): up to the 8th

Work in progress. In no particular order, except the chronological. Further verbiage may be added later.

(Above: soundtrack/~scape from MDVL301A last week.)

This has been a long month on Twitter, and we’re only three-quarters of the way. (more…)

50 years ago: philology, decolonisation, deconstruction

Image above: from the Gradual of Saint-Etienne of Toulouse, France (Toulouse), last quarter of the 11th-first quarter of the 12th century, British Library Harley MS 4951, f. 299v (more…)



[I’m not writing a proper full blog post myself: I couldn’t do this matter due justice as my word-brain is fried after marking, finally crashing after working since 6 a.m. So I will hand you over to other people who can address it better, more elegantly and eloquently: Eileen A. Joy follows below (I added links, and images from Schuiten & Peeters Les Cités obscures), and other text is from Custodians Online and Rabia Gregory:]


UPDATE on ‪#‎saveashgate‬ petition-campaign: the Burlington, Vermont office did close on Nov. 25, while plans for the UK office are still up in the air. In addition, it has been announced that the list price of most existing Ashgate titles will increase on Jan. 1, 2016 to $149.95 / £95.00 per title. (more…)

“so you want to get a PhD in the humanities?” (2)

A sequel– (more…)

on truth

and how it hurts. Painful. Bitter. Sad.
Saddest of all, the peril that lurks, looms over, and verily haunts post-PhD folks: the fear of becoming bitter.

more dark-age gloaming, in response to Situation SUNY

Well, at least it’s no longer just mere people in French departments who are weighing in, or other scared people in danger of extinction elsewhere in the humanities.

Hope this doesn’t mean the wrong sort of validation for a simplistic interpretation of all that jazz about “the post-human.”

Over to the proper grown-ups now…