dream job

I know it’s not obviously directly necessarily Medieval, but the Medieval could certainly come into it. And it’s a dream job (third only to running one’s own chocolate shop or being a Michelin restaurant critic):

Bristol Dinosaur Education Officer
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Bristol

Google images searches for <dinosaur +medieval> are frustratingly unfruitful. I was expecting far more dragons, and of course the St Columba/Nessie encounter. A rather neat combination of the two, in the shape of a dinosaur tabard (child’s fancy dress costume) turned up. But then again, on a very worthy pedagogical note, there was this:

and this, from Museum Cartoons by T. McCracken:

Probably inappropriate attire for this job interview, a splendid St George And The Dragon costume is available for hire:

“[…] one guy wore it to a medieval banquet whilst another customer in south Wales wore it but insisted on wearing a Welsh rugby jerey instead of the St. George tabbard! Corporate customers include Manchester City Council, Rotherham Borough Council & Concept Finishing Services Ltd.”

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