Call for assistance/information: ENRICH project

Message from James Cummings (University of Oxford), re. the ENRICH project (see our previous post on this project):

As some of you know I’m doing some work for the ENRICH project[1] which has created a subset of the TEI for medieval manuscript description[2].  At an upcoming meeting, one of the things we’d like to demonstrate is that potentially many more formats than we’re planning to convert to this format could adequately be expressed in it should need arise.  That is, that we’ve got a vocabulary for a manuscript description which most manuscripts could be described in, if desired.  Or at least, we’d like to see where what we have *doesn’t* allow for other types of (e.g. modern) manuscripts so at least we are aware of the limitations.

If you happen to have any manuscript descriptions, in any format[3], of any time period[4] would you be willing to let me have a representative sample of them?  I promise to abide by any restrictions of use you impose, will openly share my results with anyone who wants, and such.  I’m not promising to write automatic conversions of them, but might want to choose a couple and do manual conversions to demonstrate that there is no loss of intellectual content.

[3] We have some MASTER and TEI P5 ones, and while more of those are always welcome, other bizarre formats are even more appreciated.
[4] While the project is medieval in nature for this purpose we aren’t limited to medieval manuscripts.

Contact information: “James Cummings” <>

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