on allegory

the importance of context to the discovery, uncovering, and/or reconstruction of meaning: click image for the bigger picture/further details

I’m simply passing this item along—having also added a reference to it in “criticism and commentary.” This item being:   (more…)

summer reading report

Or, Big Hairy Post no. 4. The post-digestion literary hair-ball.

← See Mythical Creature of the Day: Bonnacon (2008-02-29) for more, though this remains my favourite for reasons of hairiness and facial expressions.



PÖANG armchair (matching footstool out of shot). From IKEA of Elizabeth, NJ (2004).

Hairy Man. From John Bulwer’s “Anthropometamorphosis: Man Transformed: or the Artificial Changling” (1653).

Or, Big Hairy Post no. 3. From the sublime to the ridiculous.

← From my arm-chair—that classic that most of my colleagues seem to have, too—to yours.

Moral of the story: don’t spend too much time with a post. Be safe, gentle readers: use chairs. →


Studies in Medievalism


The Society for the Study of Popular Culture and the Middle Ages



As we Medievalists and Renaissanceurs don’t have enough work to do and have far too much time on our hands, especially around this time of year, I thought it would be a splendid idea to start collecting up pertinent blogs for your greater delectation. I’ll be adding to this post haphazardly, from time to time, and moving stuff around, and recategorizing with glee and gusto. In the meantime, please do add comments to this post, to let us all know about other items that should be listed here!
See also: blogoriciousness (new blogs will appear there first, before being added over here in their full glory)

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Bloggography (2)

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Geoffrey Chaucer Hath an Extreme Blog

Geoffrey Chaucer Hath An Extreme Blog: Go England! It ys Rad!
A Directorie of Wondirful Thinges that are Loial to Engelonde

[A Must-Read for any Serious & Right-Thinking Medievalist worth their Salt.]

Medieval food blogging

Productively combining her state of constant vigilance on the state of Medievalism online with her regular blogging and food-blog-reading activities elsewhere, your administrarix was just having a poke around to see what was what in the world of Medieval food blogs.

You might be interested in “lurking” on the following, or maybe even commenting … (more…)