on allegory

the importance of context to the discovery, uncovering, and/or reconstruction of meaning: click image for the bigger picture/further details

I’m simply passing this item along—having also added a reference to it in “criticism and commentary.” This item being:   (more…)

summer reading report

Or, Big Hairy Post no. 4. The post-digestion literary hair-ball.

← See Mythical Creature of the Day: Bonnacon (2008-02-29) for more, though this remains my favourite for reasons of hairiness and facial expressions.



PÖANG armchair (matching footstool out of shot). From IKEA of Elizabeth, NJ (2004).

Hairy Man. From John Bulwer’s “Anthropometamorphosis: Man Transformed: or the Artificial Changling” (1653).

Or, Big Hairy Post no. 3. From the sublime to the ridiculous.

← From my arm-chair—that classic that most of my colleagues seem to have, too—to yours.

Moral of the story: don’t spend too much time with a post. Be safe, gentle readers: use chairs. →


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