oooh! Robin Hood trailer!!!

The Ridley Scott / Russell Crowe / Cate Blanchett version. Hot off the press:

The Los Angeles Times got there earlier this morning. As did Totalfilm.

Still exuding the perfume of freshly-baked bread: On YouTube, c/o hollywoodstreams (23 hours ago)

Slightly less warm and toasty: c/o (14 December) and and Filmofilia (yesterday)

All links lead to the same trailer, by the way. Not just that I’m geeky about tracing sources–I’m even geekier about bookmark collection, and it’s always nice to have good sources for up-to-the-minute news. Let’s be fair and democratic: film trailers are as important as anything else. Especially on sites and blogs with comments, commentary, and general good old gossip.

Much excitement at Obrienatrix Central as preparations are in progress for teaching a Medieval to Early Modern Romance Studies course entitled ADVENTURES. The current release date (14 May 2010) would fit nicely with the post-exam period, and with moving out of the strictly Romance geo-cultural sphere. Though of course, like any other right-thinking Medieval French person, Obrienatrix would quite like to re-appropriate Medieval Francophonia, including England …

She’s currently wondering about showing all the previous Robin Hood films in the two weeks between the end of exams and the release of the New Robin. By “showing”, that might just mean herself, possibly a select group of friends with the requisite staying-power, and ample supplies of appropriate nibbles and tipples. Maybe using sound Medieval recipes (though drawing the line on the creative anachronism front: I insist on modern kitchen equipment, and of course a box on which to show said cinematographic delights).

No Official Poster yet, but we rather like this, from Movie Odyssey c/o

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