1. The recent NEWSFLASH has been updated with shiny video clips, in obedience to the First Commandment of the Good Scholar/Reader: Honour Thy Primary Sources Above All Others And Trust No-One’s Judgement But Thine Own.
  2. Big Hairy Post no. 4 is in progress and will be appearing soon.
  3. That is all. Except for:

Art prefigures / presages life: as seen in some of the more noteworthy and less unsavoury, problematic, violent, and/or pornographic results of the Google image-search for “¡viva la revolución!” Placed in some sort of narrativised sequence. I have of course omitted the iconographically simple and obvious, as we’re dealing with archimimocratic revolution.

Worrying. In so many ways.*

* Worrying, that is, given the intertextual references to:

Again, worrying in more ways than one. Location would make quite a difference: Princeton vs. New Haven vs. Belfast vs. Amsterdam.

Well, you get the message.

Much more appropriate all-round.

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