spam du jour


Why this site? Is this an attempt by a programme at human-style lateral thinking and non-linear links? Are they targeting medievalists because they know we know things and see things non-medievalists don’t?
Why me? Do they know something I don’t? A sinister conspiracy prior to kneecapping pandemics, virtual and viral then going real?
Is this item’s appearance merely coincidental to my marking exams and putting together final grades? Including one exam on adventures and three exams including aspects of the accidental (in the exam questions and course themes, that is; not that all three exams featured accidents; no more so that usual)? Or are all these things connected? Wait and see. Till the next Dan Brown comes out. That will tell us for sure if all my worries and suspicions are indeed well-founded. “The truth is out there.” On which subject of truth and its possible finding: in the meantime, back to marking.

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