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I’m putting up the following – might be of interest, as a tree-network of academics worldwide. Interestingly, this is quite like Facebook, Bebo, and other social networking sites; but minus the advertising and irritating clutter, instead being more smooth and easy to look at and use. The way it’s set up and organised is admirably clever too.

Hi all,

I’m a prize fellow in philosophy at All Souls College Oxford, where I recently finished my D.Phil on the philosophy of perception.

I’ve just launched a website,, which does two things:

– It displays academics around the world in a ‘tree’ format, according to what university/department they are affiliated with.

– It enables an academic to have an easy-to-maintain academic webpage. My webpage on is here:

My hope for the site is that it will list every academic – Faculty members, Post-Docs, and Graduate Students – in the world, and display where they are working. I also hope people will use the site to keep track of what people in their field are working on.

I’m trying to spread the word about, so, if you have a minute, please visit the site, and add yourself to your department. (Or add your department/university to the tree if it is not there already; it is easy to add a university or department by clicking on the arrows).

And do spread the word to your friends and colleagues if you can.

Many thanks,


Dr. Richard Price,
Prize Fellow,
All Souls College,

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