PÖANG armchair (matching footstool out of shot). From IKEA of Elizabeth, NJ (2004).

Hairy Man. From John Bulwer’s “Anthropometamorphosis: Man Transformed: or the Artificial Changling” (1653).

Or, Big Hairy Post no. 3. From the sublime to the ridiculous.

← From my arm-chair—that classic that most of my colleagues seem to have, too—to yours.

Moral of the story: don’t spend too much time with a post. Be safe, gentle readers: use chairs. →

Ten gent du jour: ah, how I love those testosterone-driven, baseball-card-swapping, Top Gear-ish lists:

And, because I happened to be Googling around (to do with this other business that has been keeping me busy of late, and keeping me away from MMM), some more Top Tens, the first of which includes some interesting critique of the whole idea; “interesting” as in “away from the more familiar academic-theoretical arguments”:

On fashion and style and theory:

Maps and mapping:

A bunch of assorted things that caught my attention, for one reason or another. Alphabetised to protect myself from having to try to order these thematically, or in order of importance, or seriousness, or otherwise impose any sublime-to-ridiculous progressive order on things. Meta-meta-medieval is free-thinking, pre-Hegelian, anti-patriarchal and anti-phallogocentric, anarcho-feminist, and sort of deconstructionist after all. “And/and” rather than “either/or” any day. In any sensible AND subtle world, something can be sublime AND ridiculous :

(Sparing you my complete summer reading, online and otherwise–the rest was more techy, on teaching, and Proper Work Itself. And of course a daily diet of spec fi. Though there is another Big Hairy Post coming up with a rough digest of summer reading in language, textuality, and literary matters. Call it the post-digestion Literary Hairy-Ball)

Last but not least, a new favourite chair for the purpose of sitting at a desk and computer and writing. The subject of much gathering and hunting–aka research, field-work, monitoring, tracking, stalking, pondering, finally pouncing–this NOOD occupied me and then I occupied it for a large part of the summer:

You can wheel around AND bounce on it. What more could you possible want?

UTOPIA NOW: What every library should invest in, in an ideal world–I love the way this chair can move from private/interior-focussed to public/interactive, and from heavy/serious to light/frivolous; and that it can always remain fun and enjoyable throughout. The physical incarnation of “sentence and solas” and “never lose touch with ‘silly’.”


The avant-garde ancestor of #sadchairsofacademia in its original natural habitat, the office, before its adaptation / artificial selective evolution to other ends

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