Trobar sen / trying to make sense of November (3): the 11th

A day of remembrance, and thus also of song and of poetry.

Remembering 11 November via Twitter selections: idiosyncratically, impressionistically, but humbly humanly with all the limitations those things entail.

img_7251 img_7252 img_7253 img_7254 img_7255 img_7256 img_7257 img_7258

img_7259 img_7260 img_7261 img_7262 img_7263 img_7264 img_7265 img_7266 img_7267 img_7268 img_7269

Lyric song and soundscape:

Sustaining sing-along medieval Occitan poetry 1
Gaston Febus / Alidé Sans, “Se canta”


Sustaining sing-along medievalist #InTheMiddle Occitan poetry 2
Nadau, “L’Immortèla”


Sharing today’s soundscape
Lyric poetry & song
Sustaining work & life
The medievalist Occitan trobairitz Alidé Sans


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