Medieval food blogging

Productively combining her state of constant vigilance on the state of Medievalism online with her regular blogging and food-blog-reading activities elsewhere, your administrarix was just having a poke around to see what was what in the world of Medieval food blogs.

You might be interested in “lurking” on the following, or maybe even commenting …

We’ll be adding to this post haphazardly, from time to time. Meanwhile, please do add comments to this post, to let us all know about other relevant food blogs that should be listed here!

“Historical Fiction: How do medieval-themed restaurants get it wrong?” (October 2004, so alas too late to contribute to the comments)

A post of interest (October 2007) on the Epi-Log (c/o Epicurious)

Lose Weight the Medieval Way” – c/o The Guardian‘s Books Blog

Book of Rai: International Food Forum: outstanding discussion forum covering all temporary, spatial, and cultural locations

The Thorngrove Table

The Love of Spice

The Food Museum and its blog, particularly the Food History section.

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