Medieval and Renaissance food

[… The Obrienatrix realised she was somewhat peckish, and happened to be web-browsing seeking recipes, as is her wont, in a “Ready, Steady, Cook!” manner]

I’ll be adding to this post haphazardly, from time to time. Meanwhile, please do add comments to this post, to share and spread The Knowledge of other relevant food sites that should be listed here!

The British Library: Medieval Food

Medieval Cookery

Medieval and Renaissance Food: Sources, Recipes, and Articles

Gode Cookery: the most sizzling and splendiferous site I found. Includes YouTube videos! Here follow the fellow members of their Medieval and Renaissance Cookery Webring:

A reasonably faithful transcription of an Elizabethan cookbook. Contains many recipes of all sorts of dishes.

    A collection of medieval recipes adapted for the modern kitchen, with period receipts, translations, & redactions. Included are original recipes, graphics, photographs, descriptions of feasts, information on period cookery, & articles on related medieval subjects.

    A cookbook based on the writings of the English medieval poet Geoffrey Chaucer as related to the food of his time. With authentic period recipes and instructions on how to prepare a Chaucerian Feast.
    A mostly-complete list of my cookery books, with ratings and short reviews.
    A medieval & Renaissance food & feast image collection, with over 180 authentic pictures in several galleries.
    Restaurant médiéval dans une ancienne église au centre d’Angers, Anjou, France. Repas spectacles avec troubadours servi en costumes d’époque. NOTE: this website uses frames. Webring travelers must return to the previous webring site, then link from SKIP NEXT on the webring to continue without this site’s frames.
    A short discussion of bread and bakers in the Middle Ages.
    A collection of menus, redacted recipes, articles, and links related to medieval and Renaissance cookery, particularly in and around New York City and the NYC chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, the Crown Province of Ostgardr.
    Homepage for the Cynaguan Culinary Guild. We work to foster interest and education in the culinary arts through research and re-creation. Recipe of the month, recipe archive, and feast menu.
    Although my site is primarily on Near and Middle Eastern costume, the Dining Niche is devoted to food I have cooked for SCA feasts and potlucks. I currently have recipes for three feasts – a medieval Persian feast; a mostly 16th century German feast; and a mixed European feast with English, Spanish, and Italian recipes. I will be adding more recipes from medieval al-Andalus and medieval and Renaissance Italy.
    Describes tableware and utensils depicted in period artwork (mostly paintings and manuscript illustrations), sorted chronologically.
    Recipes for a medieval dessert revel, an outdoor primitive feast and camp cookery. Some links to other medieval cookery sites.
    A (nearly-complete) translation of an anonymous Spanish 16th century text featuring recipes for food as well as several remedies and cosmetics.
    A small collection of recipes from the likes of Ruperto de Nola, Martino de Como and the Manual de Mugeres, dealing with food and drink consumed in Aragon, Spain and Italy towards the end of the Middle Ages.
    This is the location for my articles on medieval Food, redactions from SCA feasts that I’ve cooked/am cooking, and central location for a number of my research links. This will also be the location for some of the research that I’m partaking as part of translating the Dutch cookbook “Cocboeck” as soon as I have it in a form that can be shared.
    Stoneclave’s recipe boards are for those who enjoy both authentic and modern-day medieval and old-world cooking and wish to share your experiences and recipes with others!
    An assortment of both the redacted and the original recipes from Apicius and Forme of Cury.
    The site is dedicated to Renaissance Life which includes cooking and recipes of the day (translated for modern cooking).
    Books on medieval cookery, costuming, domestic aspects of the Middle Ages, and Renaissance.
    Medieval recipes adapted for the contemporary kitchen, by Rudd Rayfield. With excerpts from Rudd’s book, “A Newe Boke of Olde Cokery.”
    I have a strong interest in Medieval History. I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. My medieval persona lives in the Kingdom of Aethelmearc, in the Shire of Heronter. I’ve had five publications about heraldry in the organization, under my Medieval Pseudonym, Lord Dagonell Collingwood of Emerald Lake. I also publish a regular Medieval Games column in the kingdom newsletter. Additionally, I occasionally “redact” or modernize Medieval Recipes.
    This site is the personal web site of Serena da Riva (mka Barbara Benson). The lion’s share of content is devoted to her interest in medieval and Renaissance cookery, including feast menus and redactions. Also included is information on SCA Heraldry, Period & current era gardening and crochet.

    Katja’s Medieval Cooking and Food

    Medieval Feasts (with Bill and Ken)

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