Bloggography and Incitements to Bloggophilia (mainly Medieval; work-related only, of course)

Your diligent administratrix – in her infinite wisdom, and ever-mindful of Forum members’ need for further reading materials – thought to collect some blogs for your greater delectation. Here is a brief selection (limited to ten); the full list (updated fairly regularly) is at blogography.

A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe
Digital Medievalist: Scéla
A Don’s Life – Mary Beard @ the TLS
Geoffrey Chaucer Hath An Extreme Blog: Go England! It ys Rad!A Directorie of Wondirful Thinges that are Loial to Engelonde
Got Medieval
In the Middle
Medieval Studies Course Union: Florilegium (one of the most active group of student Medievalists in the world???)
News for Medievalists
Unlocked Wordhoard
Will’s Commonplace Book

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