Occitan Lyric Poetry as Defence Against the Dark Arts

Full version of a talk given at the 15th Triennial Congress of the International Courtly Literature Society; University of Kentucky, Lexington; 24-29 July 2016 (some parts cut or expanded on the fly, as is usual for live talks).

It includes a selection of medieval Occitan poetry (with Englishings) that might be interesting and perhaps even useful to general readers, feminists, anti-rape activists, paranomasiacs, comedians, and assorted other 21st century live human beings (and any other intelligences not covered above).

There are also pictures.

Including, as promised to a certain amic, owls.


Unhappy Ada Lovelace Day

Or, FFS:

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.09.13 PM

Read the full story at the BBC News site.

Comments: WWJD and What Would Ada Lovelace Do (WWAD)? For the latter, either the real one or the 2DGoggles (and female-authored) version 😩