more mapping

Or, beyond the tangent du jour.

(for more on the thumbnail, and the punchline, see “Death will be your Santa Claus,” Cat and Girl Donation Derby, 2010-10-11)

Structuralism is not dead: it just went underground for a bit to spend some quality time hanging with the hip kids. More fun and productive than bitching about its enemies, the Forces of Weak Pseudo-Thinking, and having to listen to their confused and obfuscating mumblings and witterings. See also: “The Emperor’s New Clothes” (H.C. Andersen trans. Jean Hersholt)

Infographics have been around for a while. They’re not new. They’re still cool. And good to keep in mind if one is thinking about / working on big hairy complicated works with tingle-inducing structures (by which I mean medieval literature, not The Book: I’m not that vain).

Some historically-important items:

And another bunch …

Another mapping: Hans Christian Andersen, Legoland–Billund, Denmark.
Image source: Geoff Hunt (all hail, fellow Lego-afficionado!).

The finest result from the logical next step, a Google search for “infographics” + “lego” =

(click highlighted title below to play)

Cronología del caso de espionaje entre las dos escuderías de F1” (Matías Cortina, El País, 2007-09-24)

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