Love-lyric: music and musical life, preservation and continuation, survival

[Edited and revised: now includes, inter alia, some sort of conclusion.]

Starting point: the Eagles of Death Metal response to the Paris attacks of 13 November.


Being human, lights, rainbows, & dreams

An essay of sorts. Two exempla (Borges, Iyad El-Baghdadi), comment, a true story, and some poetry. Lots of colourful images: colourful in a good way.

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Hospitality, remembrance, and being human(ist)


In alphabetical order because it disorders, cuts hierarchy, and unifies democratically.

In alphabetical order because of the history of alphabetical order, connecting as it does certain specific geographies and peoples; intelligent life and its expression, preservation, and continuity through artefacts; cultures; humanism(s) and humanity. Alphabetical order is fundamentally human, humane, and humanistic.


Google-Middle(-of)-Earth, from the Indus via the Fertile Crescent cradle of civilisation to the Ice Age Havens