Littérature = imagination 

(En français à l’exception du prologue et des enluminures en anglais.)

(Postcript preamble: this piece is in French, sorry, it just kind of happened that way.

It was triggered by a video from La Brigade du Livre, and I’m currently back to reading Montaigne’s Journal de voyage en Italie, par la Suisse et l’Allemagne as a digressive pause from Infinite Jest and as a palate-cleansing entremets after the wonderful Station Eleven which is one of those beautiful imaginative adventures after which one needs a pause just to get one’s breath back; and where I felt it would be rude, maybe difficult, to read more SF immediately after. Forgetting as ever that SF, speculative fictions, and imagineering are always all around: in Montaigne too. Besides, Montaigne always leads to Thinking. That’s bad enough already. Worse: Montaigne leads to Thoughts about writing, and reading, and big questions about literature and blogging and The Meaning Of It All.

So. In French because of Montaigne and LA BRIGADE DU LIVRE.

As a compromise, I’ll add some pretty pictures of recent reading. They kind of punctuate the text, so it’s a medieval-manuscript-like bit of bilingualism.)

La lecture, la littérature, et la vie littéraire sont désormais bel et bien en vie. Vive la vie imaginaire !

Comme tout lecteur assidu.e de meta-meta-medieval aura remarqué, je n’ai pas beaucoup publié.