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in purple

The Obrienatrix is wearing purple today in remembrance of and support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth who have been the victims of bullying.


summer reading report

Or, Big Hairy Post no. 4. The post-digestion literary hair-ball.

← See Mythical Creature of the Day: Bonnacon (2008-02-29) for more, though this remains my favourite for reasons of hairiness and facial expressions.


US doctoral programme rankings

Of potential use to students contemplating graduate study, to universities contemplating their own doctoral programmes, and to university administrations considering changes (including but by no means limited to cuts).


more on Google Translate, from the horse’s mouth

Peter Norvig (Director of Research at Google), lecture a week or so ago at UBC.


  1. The recent NEWSFLASH has been updated with shiny video clips, in obedience to the First Commandment of the Good Scholar/Reader: Honour Thy Primary Sources Above All Others And Trust No-One’s Judgement But Thine Own.
  2. Big Hairy Post no. 4 is in progress and will be appearing soon.
  3. That is all. Except for: