Resources & readings on the UBC governance matters


This post shares the main things that I’ve been reading regularly over the last several months for contributions to commentary, analysis, and critique. As well as news coverage itself. The people, groups, and other bodies I’m “following” on Twitter may also be interesting to others; my Twit-self is @obrienatrix and the “UBC matters” list I put together there could be handy. (Caveats: I also tweet about things other than UBC governance, as do others on that list and indeed others whom I “follow.”)

For a list of what I’ve been reading for news coverage, in the form of a chronologically-ordered list as a running record of media coverage: see here.

For a rough rapid historical overview of events: see here.

I hope that what follows is useful to other concerned members of the UBC community (and others in similar situations elsewhere, and allies): for their own reading, for research into recent and past history, for learning about the background to current events, but first and foremost for UBC faculty interested in informing themselves, as responsible citizens of our community, prior to our 22 March Faculty Association Special General Meeting about the motion of no confidence in the Board of Governors.


UBC Faculty Association > Governance Issues (all the emails sent to faculty are here in the form of public notices—everything is publicly freely available, as it should be—and all correspondence to and from, inter alia, the Board of Governors):

UBC Insiders (incisive reporting and in-depth analysis, independent investigative journalism, and a resource and repository for a number of important document leaks):

UBC Futures (freely accessible Facebook collection, compilation, curation etc. of relevant items across media; often with commentary and links to other participants in the network, such as the UBClean protest):

Transparency for UBC (another Facebook page-cum-group):

Piece of Mind: All About the Academy (Nassif Ghoussoub and guest posts):

Workplace Blog: Issues, events, & breaking news from ICES and Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labour (Stephen Petrina):

Institute for Critical Educational Studies (Sandra Mathison, Stephen Petrina, E. Wayne Ross):

Commentaria (Alan Richardson, Jennifer Berdahl, Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa, Vinayak Vatsal):

Pradeep Raamana at Medium:
View at

The images that end this present post—because images, too, are and always have been a form of commentary; and can speak volumes, beyond words, and when words fail—are from Pradeep, on Twitter.

This, in response to the Deans’ Public Declaration of Faith in the Board of Governors (2016-02-10):

And, in response to this article in The Ubyssey (2016-03-15). Lindsay Gordon (chancellor of UBC and chair of the presidential search committee) commented in reaction to Jennifer Berdahl’s resignation from that committee (2016-03-11), and further to the Faculty Association’s statement of concern about this development