#innovation: the soundtrack

(part of the June Exam-Marking Soundscape; also feat. Cœur de Pirate and classic French psychedelia; it seemed seasonally appropriate)

There’s the usual expected balance of perfect and slant; and then some lovely internal rhyme, homophony, macaronic multilingualism, paranomasia, rime riche, and we even get near rime richissime. Delicious. It fits into my current writing on “com-” and rethinking rewriting on Apollinaire, and will bridge nicely from May-June’s FREN 101 to July-August’s FREN 220.

Et c’est comme ça qu’on s’aime, s’aime, sème…
Comme ça consomme, somme, somme…

Full(-ish) lyrics at Genius.

See also: The Daily Psychedelic Video

Oh yes: innovation. For any new readers (hi!) who happened upon this post because they’re interested or involved in the pseudo-liberal perversion of that word, and in becoming and being innovators, or perhaps even in actually actively innovating: this old post and the following may help:

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