Medievalising “The Fall” (2): further intertextuality

Further, that is, to “Medievalising The Fall and power-pointing” (24 September 2015).

Three things:


In a most curious bit of genius casting, the actress (Laura Donnelly) who plays the first murder victim, Sarah Kay, in the first two episodes of the first season of The Fall also appears elsewhere as a the love-interest of a character played by the actor who will be Tom Anderson, Stella Gibson’s love-interest in the last two episodes of the second season.


That other character was Merlin in the eponymous BBC TV series. Should that trigger some audience expectations for development of the Anderson character in series three?

Adding an incestuous frisson, the actor (John Lynch) who plays Merlin’s father Balinor also plays one of Stella Gibson’s ex-lovers, Jim Burns.


If that weren’t already curious enough, here’s what Laura Donnelly’s character Freya turns into at midnight every night (like the previous screenshot, still taken from Merlin season 2 episode 9):

Which might remind readers of this dread creature in The Fall:


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