Parkour / philology

des parallèles / some parallels (re. ceci/this & that/cela)

un parcours : par– + curro, currere
through and around
a run, running (and course, current, flow): action, finished result, and process

un traceur, une traceuse = quelqu’un qui trace
drawing, a line, a trace
traho, trahere

un / a jam = collaborative interactive live session, performance with improvisation


voir aussi / see also:

aventure, aventurer, aventurier
= ad– + venio, venire

 traduire (mouvoir d’une langue vers une autre) : trans– +  duco, ducere
≅ translate (displace to a different world): trans– +  fero, tuli, latus / cf. latus

œuvre d’art
product, thing that has been produced: pro– + duco, ducere
+ procès / process: pro– + cedo, cedereand tempting to see caedo, caedere, cecidi


see also / voir aussi :

mashup + mixing + remixing ≠ “copy-paste”
collection + compilation + composition; may include collage as an element, technique, part of process

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