more doom and gloom: SUNY Albany

More news, from the horse’s mouth, c/o: Franco-American News & Events, 8: French program terminated at SUNY–Albany

Share and share alike: please do pass on the ill tidings, write missives of wrath and scorn, and if you know anyone who can Do Stuff, get on them to Act.

The same goes for all our other recent cases of The Gloaming of the Dark Ages.

(UPDATES in the comments on this post.)

The next person(s) to mention MBAs in anything other than the most disparaging tones will receive a biff on the nose (virtual or otherwise) and a boo hiss (definitely real).

No change in the usual disapproving glare, business continuing as has been usual for many years there now.

Open letter to future potential runners of educational establishments:–

To students who would like references: however nice and good you are, there will be NONE provided for this sort of fing pseudo-occupation. Unless you promise NEVER to run a university, school, hospital, or anything else that matters. OK, compromising in the name of common sense: one must always try to be rational and reasonable, after all even when ped off: or if you only do so if you’ve also acquired relevant qualifications and experience in the field.

Otherwise, do not come and see me in great excitement about wanting to apply for MBAs. I have more sympathy with pampered-pooch-grooming diplomas. Better use of one’s brain and time, and performing a more useful service to humanity. Pooches might (sit up and) beg to differ.

See also: “Not For Sale (FemaleScienceProfessor): Post a Comment and Group Highlights


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