a happy coincidence

(tenuously Medieval)

I present to you Item the First, Piled Higher and Deeper (2010-09-29):

Item the Second, Cat and Girl (2010-10-01):

Item the Third: xkcd (2010-09-01 I think)

Item the Fourth: Google image search results. For it is a fact that once three items have spontaneously come to mind, there must be a pattern, so it must be time for some Googling.

The first Medieval link for “hit the snooze button” is c/o Xanadu:

Xanadu Demolished!” NeoZAZ (2008-11-24): and oh, what a gorgeous place it was; snooze buttons and the rest.

And finally, one for Our Special Foreign Correspondent in the fine Medieval city of York: here’s hoping you have a happy hibernation-season free of such mishaps. For a change …

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