Online item of possible interest

Dilbert – this is what keeps your Administratrix sane. If you haven’t yet met the online archive, there are 6000-odd strips to get through. Back to January 1992.

I am quite convinced that every new Dilbert frame cancels out the year taken off my life by every hour spent dealing with Professional Administrators.

Is there a special Hell for administrators? (I mean the HR, professional, university-as-business, evil robot clone type; spouters of administrativese idiolectical idiocies; brilliant at dehumanising and alienating. Not the actual supporting, facilitating, catalyst, organizing kind.) Or is administration actually Hell On Earth? Certainly a parallel dimension or alternate world, that’s for sure. Answers to this metaphysical conundrum on a virtual postcard (i.e. comment here below) to our usual competition address …

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