Sites and meta-sites around the world providing FREE AND OPENLY/PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE online information about Medieval and Renaissance studies. Including the sites listed in MEDIEVAL & RENAISSANCE HYPERPROJECTS.
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Medieval and Renaissance digital humanities / electronic / hypertext research projects online, worldwide. Mainly projects using the TEI encoding scheme, marked-up text, and relational databases. May well be of rather a narrow focus. All are FREE AND OPENLY/PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE – even if one may need to sign up to get a password.
All of these hyperprojects are also listed in MEDIEVAL & RENAISSANCE RESOURCES; this present separate list of them is to show good examples of current practice (for those contemplating putting together new projects), and to act as a showcase for the sheer breadth and depth of Medieval and Renaissance hyperprojects. Not only is this a rich field, it’s also a lively one, and at the cutting edge of digital humanities research.