Facebook history this week

Facebook has long very keen on “stories” and “storytelling.” This is as much to do with marketing, advertising, and commercial selling as it is with sociable chat and chatter or with celebrating and nurturing imagination and civilisation. Nevertheless, the Facebook Grand Master Authors’ intentions notwithstanding, Facebook is a good read for us Lit. Hum. readers of stories and histories, or, as meta-meta-meta-medievalists might prefer, histoires. 

There’s also a goodly dose of the poetic, metapoetic, and mythopoetic; often also weaving themselves into narrative continuities. Memes start, wax, wane, cross-fertilise, and morph. Poetic histories happen. Myths cycle, loop, and spiral in endless return. Interrupted and deviated by creative sparks, derivative ingenuities, and other metamorphoses too.

Of the various assorted topical strands running around on Facebook of late, several have been about history and histories. And one stands out as actually being important and of continuing relevance.


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