innovation: exciting updates!

A quick recap of the history of Innovation:

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Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 10.30.53 AM

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Here follow two exciting items fresh off the email press.

Item the first is a positive and uplifting one:

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 11.05.03 AM


… and you, good sir, are hereby officially approved and embraced as a good Thélémite and a credit and paragon to us all

Item the second is, well, over to the reader, really. All identifying personal information has been removed; this sort of thing is not something I read straight away, because I keep my work email account for actual work. So things like this go to a non-work one. For I am a virtuous person (within the natural limits of my non-virility) and a good worker:

To: All UBC Faculty, Staff and Student Employees

We are pleased to announce the appointment of [“A”] as UBC’s
Innovation Catalyst, beginning February 17th. In this new full-time role
reporting to [“B”] (VP Research and International) and [“C”]
(VP Communications and Community Partnership), “A” will spearhead the further
development and implementation of the University’s Innovation Strategy.

UBC’s Innovation Strategy aims to increase the impact of our research and
educational activities to further enhance the University’s contribution to
economic growth and societal benefits in British Columbia and beyond. The
five-point strategy includes:

– The creation of a Corporate Relations Office to forge closer working
relations with the business sector;
– The creation of a wholly-owned subsidiary to facilitate faculty consulting
and major project business development;
– The reorganization and expansion of the e@UBC program;
– The growing of the “Campus as a living lab” model beyond campus; and
– The re-engineering of the University-Industry Liaison Office.

UBC is well underway with the implementation of this strategy and “A’s”
appointment will allow the University to accelerate this strategic initiative
and assure its success.

In order to take this position, “A” will be leaving his current role of
Managing Director of UBC’s University-Industry Liaison Office (UILO), a
position he has held since 1999. Graduating from UBC with a B.Sc. in Computer
Science in 1983, “A” joined the UILO in 1988 where he has held various
positions relating to industry-sponsored research, technology transfer, and the
management of UILO operations. Under his leadership, UBC has consistently
ranked as the leading Canadian institution and has gained international
recognition for its technology transfer and commercialization activities.

While relinquishing his position at the UILO, “A” will retain his current
board positions, and will continue to be project leader on the genomics
entrepreneurship program delivered in partnership with Genome Canada and Genome

We are also pleased to announce that as of February 17, [“D”] will become
the UILO’s Interim Managing Director. “D” has been an Associate Director
at the UILO since 2004, working extensively with external stakeholders and
researchers across UBC and its affiliated teaching hospitals.

Join us in congratulating “A” and “D” in their new roles.

“B”, Vice President Research and International
“C”, Vice President Communications and Community Partnership

UBC a place of mind


—hai las
—que plans?
—mor mi

Here is another history of innovation, from a different point of view:

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 10.45.03 AM
Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 10.40.08 AM
Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 10.37.56 AM

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