work in progress

The folder entitled BOOK and associated Scrivener project has divided into two; this seems to be the most useful way of dealing with what was previously The Giant Middle Chapter of the dissertation; which chapter had already been cut by 1/3. Not to say there isn’t still a lot of cutting needed and being done. But experimenting with dividing that chapter and moving a lot of it onto a separate virtual cork-board looks better and more comfortable; I conclude there’s two books in the material. “Ho hum” as the good SK might say.

Current state of affairs:

It was somewhat irksome that someone (albeit well outside any of my fields) had already nabbed In the Company of Women, and there’s a couple of novels called The Company of Women (Gordon and Singh).

Others’ intellectual property and first sightings of good puns and subversive appropriations must be respected; and I’m also glad, in a way, not to be the only person to have thought ITCOW was a good idea.

But then there’s In the Company of Educated Women. Post-In the Company of Men, I might still be tempted to stick to my original guns and do ITCO(+ adjective)W. Ideally, a bisyllabic adjective. “Good” doesn’t quite cut it and would be misleading, given the content. “Smart” is nice, “sassy” is good, but they’re not… Latinate/Romance enough. I’m thinking along the lines of donne ch’avete intelletto d’amore + the idea of entendemen.

More, doubtless, anon.

And those promised posts are on their way.

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