posts in preparation

for appetite-whetting purposes (and as a Note To Self)

Posts will be appearing over the next couple of weeks–work and other aspects of everyday life permitting–on the following topics. Gleaned from a special selection of emails collected over the last few months and filed accordingly. Or rather, filed under abbreviated versions of “trend-spotting,” “cool-hunting,” and “snonk.” I’ve been doing some email summer-cleaning, so it’s a good excuse to publish this stuff in a slightly more organised and narrativised manner:

  • fashions in conference topics over the last few months; including narrative and narration themselves
  • some interesting new publications (including the “cool” and some “snonks”)
  • updates from the world of digital medieval humanities
  • updated resources: in parallel with my work on the site for UBC Early Romance Studies Research Cluster, and probably also in coordination with the UBC Medieval Studies site
  • some odds and sods c/o our Special Foreign Correspondent

Meanwhile, here’s some more glanures, this time from a Google image-search for medieval manuscript preparation. Some images from workshops on manuscript manufacture, calligraphy, and palaeography:

Review of Jesse Meyer’s Parchment & Vellum Making Workshop by Demetri Vital (from Guild of Book Workers, New York Chapter)

The Abbey Studio Blog, 2010-07-30: images from their Corcoran College of Art + Design Calligraphy and Manuscript Gilding class (The Abbey Studio: professional calligraphy studio in Hingham, MA). Nice shots of students’ end products, of Medieval model end products, and of the crucifying stages along the way, starting with:

An item from the Santa Clara Magazine (Santa Clara University, “The Jesuit University in Silicon Valley”): Christine Cole, “Everything is Illuminated”

Bonus item from Florilegium: The Medieval Studies Course Union at the University of Victoria (our neighbours: a good excuse to plug the U Vic Medieval Studies site):

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